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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Korean Drama: Dongyi

I was reminded of the story again when I saw that it’s still showing on GMA TV network. I have finished watching it a month ago, 60 episodes for about 4-5 days sleeping only after five in the morning (laughs). I’ve seen it first in the said network with the background story from my younger brother. He was so fond of it so why not, right? But watching it on TV is a waste of time so I went to download it on the net. I was so shocked to see it runs 60 episodes, wt ef? (lol) But that didn’t stop me. I’m so gonna watch it!

Why did I love it? I’ve already seen similar drama like Dong-yi, the Jewel in the Palace and I’ve also like it. It will bring you back to the time the King is the ruler. What got me interested was the part  which was related to me by my brother that Dongyi who only works in Investigation Division in the palace mistaken the King for a common worker in the palace. She bossed around the King, stepped on his back to climb a concrete fence, and other things that when she discovered he was truly the King, would given herself up to be killed (lol). Mind you, when I first watched it together with my brother it was when the King staged the scene to let Dongyi know that he was really the King. Later I discovered it’s already in the 18th episode. So my download started from there. When I ended the drama, I boasted to my brother (lol). He got envious and raided my PC. My brother broke my record in watching Dongyi. This is just to show you how great the story is. My brother started watching around 10 at night and you know what time he stopped? (grins). I woke up around 5 am, he was still there. I went to sleep again. I woke up again around 9 am, he was still there. Damn, I can’t use my PC so I went to sleep again. I woke up almost 12 noon. Wth, he is still there (hahaha). He is crazy. He finally stopped at 1 pm and went to get some sleep (lmao). I know he didn’t finish so the rest of the episodes were viewed later.

I supa love this drama series. It has romance, comedy, drama, action, and suspence. I still remember how feelings developed between dongyi and the King, how they got separated, how he protected Dongyi, how they reunite, how they have their first child and how lost him, how he exiled dongyi and later discovered she is pregnant with his second son, how the prince grew up outside the palace, how the King meet the prince pretending to be just a commoner like what he did with Dongyi, how the King waited 7 years so he can bring them back to the palace with him, how.. how...and many many more! That is just the romantic comedy drama part (lol)

The other part..Well Dongyi is an investigator, a very smart one. She uncovered crimes in the palace, outwitted criminals, and she can’t be stopped in giving justice to those who deserves it.
Hope I tempted you to watch (lol) .. :b~

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